Master the Art of Formula Making

Making a bottle of formula for your baby is straight forward – just mix the water and formula together based on package instructions, and voila! Yet just like with any recipe, there is an art to it that – with a few quick tips – can turn you into a Top Formula Chef.

First, let’s go back to the basics:

  • Wash Well: Use hot, soapy water to clean all bottle parts – and your hands.
  • Follow the Manufacturer Instructions: Formula manufacturers have different mixing guidelines, so check the instructions if and when you change formulas.
  • Measure Precisely: Too much powder might cause an upset tummy for baby.
  • Check for Clumps: Eyeball the formula after mixing to look for clumps. It’s unlikely be occasionally lumps can get stuck in the bottle teat, causing frustration for both you and your little one.
  • Mark the Time: Always dispose of unused milk – never re-heat your baby bottle!

Stir, Shake, Swirl or Mix?

Here is where the real artistry to formula-making comes in: Blending. You can blend your formula several different ways, each with different results.

Swirling Formula

Swirling the bottle works well. Swirling formula still helps prevent air bubbles and pressure build up, with one catch: Double check for clumps before you call it a masterpiece. You can also use a clean spoon to stir.

Shaking Formula

While Dr. Brown’s bottles are designed to help remove air, shaking the bottle can do more than just add in extra air bubbles and pressure; it can actually shake up a leak from the bottle collar. You can avoid the leak by removing the internal parts – the vent insert and reservoir – and using a Travel Cap before shaking your formula together.

Bonus Tips:

  • If using bottled water you should look for water that contains less than 200 milligrams (mg) a litre of sodium (also written as Na) and no more than 250mg a litre of sulphate (also written as SO4).
  • If you are mixing on the go or you just want to save time later, consider a formula dispenser

Now that you know the art behind formula mixing, you’ll be ready to follow any formula recipe – and help ensure Happy Feeding™ each and every time.