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Selecting the correct teat size

Knowing when to move to the next teat level is an important – and sometimes confusing – part of a comfortable and happy feeding experience for you and your baby. While most bottles offer various teat levels that are tied to an age range (for example, 3 months+), every infant has their own feeding style, […]

Master the Art of Formula Making

Making a bottle of formula for your baby is straight forward – just mix the water and formula together based on package instructions, and voila! Yet just like with any recipe, there is an art to it that – with a few quick tips – can turn you into a Top Formula Chef. First, let’s […]

How to use Dr Brown’s Training Cups

Making the transition from the breast or bottle to a training cup is another one of those signs that your baby is not such a baby anymore. While you’re wondering how your little one grew so fast, you may also be wondering how to make this important transition happen as smoothly as possible. Some babies […]

Give Teething Baby a Gum Massage

The way your baby is currently working your finger is a clear indication they’re going through teething, which begins on average around 6 months old, but can begin anytime between 3 and 12 months. And it’s actually a great way to numb their gums. Just gently rub a clean finger along their gums and not […]

Getting started with your Dr Browns’ Bottle

By selecting Dr Brown’s bottles, you’ve just made an important choice in the health and happiness of your baby. Here is some useful information and practical tips that will help ensure a comfortable and satisfying experience for your baby – and worry-free feeding times for you. How We’re Different Dr Brown’s redefined bottle feeding by […]